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Givaudan is a global leading company in taste and wellbeing, fragrance and beauty. With its heritage stretching back over 250 years, the Company has a long history of innovating scents and tastes. From a favourite drink to your daily meal, from prestige perfumes to cosmetics and laundry care, its creations inspire emotions and delight millions of consumers the world over. The company is committed to driving purpose-led, long-term growth while leading the way to improve happiness and health for people and nature. In the fiscal year 2020, the Company employed over 15,800 people worldwide and achieved sales of CHF 6.3 billion and a free cash flow of 12.8% of sales. Let’s imagine together on www.givaudan.com.

Production Operator

Production Operator


Product Quality – Accurately reads control instruments, prepares neat & accurate records for all operations, completes all safety inspection checklists and complies with all GMPs. Understands blender capacity, raw materials and finished product bulk densities, plating, safety interlock proximity switches, evaluation of blender seal integrity, proper sieve screen inspection and selection, and/or packing equipment.
Safety and Sanitary Compliance – YComplies with all Safety, FDA/AIB/USDA requirements and Company policies/procedures. Adhere to all Good Manufacturing Practices. Complies with the HACCP program in detail, including sieve checks, metal detector operation, magnet checks and proper recordkeeping
Impact and Influence – Communicates openly, has a desire to achieve results, and is a team player. Contact with warehouse, maintenance, quality control, and production planning.
Key Learnings – Ability to operate food processing, blending and/or packing equipment. Ability to operate and drive fork-lift truck. Ability to operate drum dumper.




■ 詳細:





■ 配属先:





■ 以下の業務経験者

●   飲食品、化粧品、医薬品等企業の生産・製造現場での就業経験

●   手先の器用さと同時に、ある程度の重量物(25kg程度)の運搬・移動業務の経験者


■ 技術・資格

●   高等学校卒以上または同等の外国教育機関履修者

●   フォークリフトの操作、使用経験のある方尚可

■ コミュニケーション力:日本語の読み書きおよび会話ができ、円滑なコミュニケーションができる方

■       学習意欲が高く、仕事を通じて自らを成長させる指向性のある方

At Givaudan, you contribute to delightful taste and scent experiences that touch people’s lives.
You work within an inspiring teamwork culture – where you can thrive, collaborate and learn from other talented and passionate people across disciplines, regions and divisions.
Join us and Impact Your World

Diversity drives innovation and creates closer connections with our employees, customers and partners.
Givaudan embraces diversity and is committed to building an inclusive environment where everyone impacts our world.

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